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TiddlerSets lets you take "snapshots" of the current tiddler river and reopen these same tiddlers...
MatVonTWaddle 2.0K views, updated over 1 year ago
AdvancedSearch help for TW hackers
MatVonTWaddle 1.9K views, updated 1 year ago
This is a list of things that I miss in TW 5 and that make me stick with Classic
carvalho 1.4K views, updated 5 months ago
Brushes and color themes for Highlight.js plugin
kookma 1.1K views, updated 1 year ago
Using list-tagged-draggable to manage bookmarks
svendrion 869 views, updated over 1 year ago
Access styles directly from within your tiddlers edit view
MatVonTWaddle 762 views, updated 5 months ago
Analogous to list-links-draggable, this is a macro to show a table where the rows are...
MatVonTWaddle 748 views, updated 1 year ago
Macro to quickly create complex tiddlers with images stored in Google Drive. Primarily intended...
MatVonTWaddle 260 views, updated 4 months ago
Keyboard navigation plugin for navigating the TiddlyWiki Story River.
fkmiec 203 views, updated 6 months ago
TiddlyMemo uses advanced Incremental Learning concepts to make it your powerful second brain for...
oflg 110 views, updated 2 months ago
vanilla 7 views, updated 1 day ago