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TiddlerSets lets you take "snapshots" of the current tiddler river and reopen these same tiddlers at a later time.
MatVonTWaddle 2.9K views, over 1 year ago
AdvancedSearch help for TW hackers
MatVonTWaddle 2.4K views, over 1 year ago
Connect Googles services with TiddlyWiki.
MatVonTWaddle 1.6K views, over 1 year ago
Access styles directly from within your tiddlers edit view
MatVonTWaddle 1.2K views, 11 months ago
Analogous to list-links-draggable, this is a macro to show a table where the rows are rearrangable via drag'n drop.
MatVonTWaddle 1.1K views, over 1 year ago
Style output from listwidget and filtered transclusions
MatVonTWaddle 859 views, over 1 year ago
CSS based annotations.
MatVonTWaddle 655 views, 1 year ago
Macro to quickly create complex tiddlers with images stored in Google Drive. Primarily intended for use with the SheetsIN plugin
MatVonTWaddle 608 views, 10 months ago
Experiments to create a combobox
MatVonTWaddle 515 views, 2 months ago
Style checkbox to appear like button
MatVonTWaddle 464 views, 1 year ago
PR for #1161 to modify some colours
MatVonTWaddle 281 views, 11 months ago
Pure CSS scrollbar indicator to show how far down in a height limited tiddler you're reading.
MatVonTWaddle 220 views, 1 month ago
Quickly hide a element in current tid
MatVonTWaddle 194 views, 2 months ago
A menu type sidebar, on the left
MatVonTWaddle 137 views, 3 months ago
Makes closing/deleting be followed with scroll back to previously active tid
MatVonTWaddle 85 views, 16 days ago