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Configurable context menus for tiddlers
5.2.2 · 2.23 MB
ahanniga 1.4K views, 5 months ago
A Github-dark themed version of TiddlyWiki5
5.2.2 · 2.47 MB
ahanniga 1.0K views, 6 months ago
A plugin that toggles a split story view
5.2.2 · 2.42 MB
ahanniga 674 views, 5 months ago
Simulates the "Find-in-Page" browser function for Electron and Tiddly Desktop wikis. It works on single-file wikis too.
5.2.2 · 2.26 MB
ahanniga 587 views, 6 months ago
A Tiddlywiki Theme that maximises space. Works will with existing palettes and includes a Github Dark palette.
5.2.2 · 2.32 MB
ahanniga 552 views, 7 months ago