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My main personal, but public, wiki.
5.3.3 · 4.10 MB
RobH 352 views, 1 month ago
musings on mind, method, metaphor, and matters miscellaneous — cf
5.3.1 · 19.05 MB
zhurnaly 6.3K views, 4 hours ago
5.3.0 · 2.37 MB
Marz 406 views, 11 months ago
Random musings about various topics including technology (especially blockchain), philosophy, science, culture and music.
5.2.7 · 2.27 MB
evronm 269 views, 1 year ago
A collection of thoughts and poetry mostly in Italian.
5.2.2 · 2.40 MB
bedef 483 views, 11 months ago
Personal research zettlekasten of a behavioral scientist. Big focus on second-order cybernetics and post structuralism. I am one of
5.1.24-prerelease · 9.39 MB
Ian277634 1.4K views, 15 days ago
This FeatherWiki based website is a little digital garden to write down thoughts and insights about philosophy, psychology, media studies, communication theory, AI and humour. Nothing professional, just for having fun. It‘s motto is „Get to know yourself and remember there is also fun inside;)“
1.7.1 · 7.66 MB
Gom23 30K views, 24 days ago
Notas de leitura e estudo.
1.6.2 · 0.07 MB
w4lker 506 views, 11 months ago