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Una bitácora no lineal sobre tecnologías libres, educación, cultura y, cómo no, sobre mí.
5.3.1 · 1.04 MB
leoperbo 61K views, 11 days ago
make the most of your Steam Deck
5.2.6-prerelease · 0.62 MB
Telumire 57K views, 16 days ago
Q&A and tools for tiddlywiki
5.2.6-prerelease · 0.80 MB
Telumire 7.8K views, 3 months ago
My blog & custom tiddlywiki edition. Links icons, favicon, scroll indicator, upload button (RSS/Image/save to GitHub), theme switcher, etc. & plugins/theme.
5.2.6-prerelease · 0.35 MB
Telumire 3.6K views, 7 months ago
TW tweaks, settings, styles, palettes.
5.3.0 · 1.85 MB
wilk 3.0K views, 4 days ago
This tiddlywiki implement a CSS based read-only display mode
5.2.5 · 0.14 MB
Telumire 1.9K views, 3 months ago
External core version of MPTW5. Smaller, faster.
5.3.3 · 0.11 MB
Simon 1.6K views, 6 months ago
Plugin Lifecycle Management - Build & Upload plugins to GitHub with one click.
5.2.8-prerelease · 1.01 MB
Telumire 1.6K views, 5 months ago
Plugin adding a font manager to tiddlywiki
5.2.8-prerelease · 0.03 MB
Telumire 1.5K views, 1 year ago
Hand-picked video content to explore beyond the algorithm
5.2.6-prerelease · 0.34 MB
Telumire 1.4K views, 1 day ago
A proof of concept
5.2.5 · 0.10 MB
tchuffart 1.4K views, over 1 year ago
This wiki showcase how to customize an encrypted wiki (styling). The code is 123.
5.2.5 · 0.13 MB
Telumire 1.4K views, 5 months ago
YourOnly.One notes by Yohan Yuki Xieㆍ사요한・謝雪矢. Official by https://youronly.one
5.3.3 · 1.75 MB
youronlyone-ofcl 1.3K views, 3 days ago
Lighter tiddlywiki without the javascript core. The javascript is hosted at https://www.telumire.be/TW/tiddlywikicore-5.2.5.js
5.2.5 · 0.10 MB
Telumire 1.2K views, over 1 year ago
[WIP !] Taking care of yourself one tiddler at a time. Track your weight, sleep, etc.
5.2.5 · 0.96 MB
Telumire 1.0K views, 3 months ago
This wiki showcase how to use javascript with tiddlywiki.
5.2.5 · 0.12 MB
Telumire 984 views, over 1 year ago
Collection of test data for TiddlyWiki users, designers and reference use
5.2.5 · 0.42 MB
tones 921 views, 7 months ago