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a wiki and resource for digital artists, vj's, live coders and algorithmic artists
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fakedac 663 views, 9 months ago
Narvey's stories, tips, etc. for the rest of the world to see.
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narvey 12K views, 10 months ago
This is a backup and extension of the dog training resources originally started on reddit.com/r/dogtraining/wiki
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rebcart 1.7K views, 12 months ago
DiscoveryNow is the resource and reference library for DiscoveryDialogues with Metta Zetty.
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metta 3.4K views, over 1 year ago
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rsyn 11K views, over 1 year ago
Campaña 1-on-1 del juego de rol Cy_Borg. Un futurista y post-apocalíptico mundo cyberpunk, que se encuentra al borde del abismo, encarando los que pueden ser sus últimos días. En medio de todo este caos, una inadaptada rebelde se enfrenta a un implacable infierno corporativo, donde todos y todo está infestado de nanotecnología.
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kosme 5.3K views, 6 months ago
wiki didactica sobre busquedas de evidencias en salud
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Vic 1.2K views, 6 days ago
A pared down FeatherWiki version of the larger TiddlyWiki file Bible Topics v2. Not as many pictures, 1/4th the size.
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toddm 849 views, 30 days ago
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echogecko 265 views
📖 Feather Wiki 🗾 日本語サンプル
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balloon 15K views, 24 days ago
Aquí está mi TiddlyCard, una implementación de hCard mediante FeatherWiki que permite la verificación distribuida con servidores Mastodon.
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leoperbo 98K views, 17 days ago
Omnes spes demortae sunt
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rrraksamam 1.0K views, 1 month ago
Collection of tips to best use your CCwGTV (Chromecast with Google TV)
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Telumire 501 views, 8 months ago