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Notas de leitura e estudo.
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Textes choisis pour les séances à distance des « éloignés » de l'atelier Théâtre et Plaisir de Dire de Jacques Turbé
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A wiki for my Bungou Stray Dogs fan-universe, Bungou Stray Pups, wherein the canonical characters from the series have kids, and live happily ever after... or they wish they did, anyway.
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bungoustraypups 301 views, 2 months ago
Campaña 1-on-1 del juego de rol Cy_Borg. Un futurista y post-apocalíptico mundo cyberpunk, que se encuentra al borde del abismo, encarando los que pueden ser sus últimos días. En medio de todo este caos, una inadaptada rebelde se enfrenta a un implacable infierno corporativo, donde todos y todo está infestado de nanotecnología.
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Wie kann ich mich wehren, wenn ich auf Abruf arbeiten muss.
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📖 Feather Wiki 🗾 日本語サンプル
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Just having fun with AI art.
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This Wiki is an extension of my blog, longterm.support. It serves as a useful jumping off point for learning about Linux and other open-source software projects.
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i, priyal kumar is the owner of this site
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My personal notes
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a short introduction to fantasypunk, a small fantasy ttrpg. it's got some CSS modifications you might find useful for colours and fonts.
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Sidenotes using only CSS, with italics, trying to look like the Tufte presentation
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encyclopedia for Nihonkoku Shoukan Fanfiction Series:Summoningverse
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Stories and images on this site are all generated by AI.
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A collection of my recipes
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This website is our territory!
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