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Templates created by Tiddlyhost user Telumire.

My blog & custom tiddlywiki edition. Links icons, favicon, scroll indicator, upload button (RSS/Image/save to GitHub), theme switcher, etc. & plugins/theme.
5.2.6-prerelease · 0.35 MB
Telumire 3.3K views, 5 months ago
Plugin Lifecycle Management - Build & Upload plugins to GitHub with one click.
5.2.8-prerelease · 1.01 MB
Telumire 1.4K views, 4 months ago
Lighter tiddlywiki without the javascript core. The javascript is hosted at
5.2.5 · 0.10 MB
Telumire 1.1K views, over 1 year ago
Demo on how to create a point and click game
5.3.4-prerelease · 0.99 MB
Telumire 779 views, 1 month ago
external core and default themes minified with uglify + terser
5.3.0-prerelease · 0.01 MB
Telumire 764 views, 1 year ago
Unofficial Tiddlyhost template for Soren's TiddlyZettelKasten.
5.3.0 · 0.69 MB
Telumire 566 views, 9 months ago
A small tiddlywiki (14ko)
5.3.3 · 0.01 MB
Telumire 91 views, 2 months ago