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Makes closing/deleting be followed with scroll back to previously active tid
5.2.3 · 2.42 MB
MatVonTWaddle 371 views, 10 months ago
A modern tiddlywiki demonstration
5.3.0 · 4.34 MB
oeyoews 5.4K views, 7 days ago
Brushes and color themes for Highlight.js plugin
5.1.24-prerelease · 3.93 MB
kookma 3.9K views, over 2 years ago
Plugin adding a font manager to tiddlywiki
5.2.8-prerelease · 0.03 MB
Telumire 811 views, 6 months ago
Tidme uses advanced Incremental Learning concepts to make it your powerful second brain for acquiring lifelong knowledge.
5.3.1 · 2.87 MB
oflg 829 views, 7 days ago
VarCode plugin - code block with custom variable expansion, copy-to-clipboard & download buttons.
5.3.1 · 2.58 MB
goeb 106 views, 15 days ago
Track and stimulate your book reading
5.2.7 · 2.51 MB
MatVonTWaddle 484 views, 5 months ago
The PluginHelper plugin for TiddlyWiki provides a convenient way to create TiddlyWiki plugins within the browser, as well as additional controls to add or remove tiddlers from existing plugins, or update the plugin contents.
5.1.17 · 2.10 MB
goeb 1.6K views
AdvancedSearch help for TW hackers
5.2.7 · 2.48 MB
MatVonTWaddle 3.1K views, 4 months ago