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Sidenotes using only CSS, with italics, trying to look like the Tufte presentation
1.3.1 · 0.30 MB
rocambole 9.2K views, 1 year ago
Access styles directly from within your tiddlers edit view
5.2.1 · 2.38 MB
MatVonTWaddle 2.4K views, over 2 years ago
CSS Grids for Layout
5.2.1-prerelease · 2.20 MB
jotb-notebook 1.1K views, over 2 years ago
Quickly hide a element in current tid
5.2.3 · 2.35 MB
MatVonTWaddle 971 views, over 1 year ago
Pure CSS scrollbar indicator to show how far down in a height limited tiddler you're reading.
5.2.3 · 2.42 MB
MatVonTWaddle 862 views, over 1 year ago
My notes on learning CSS
5.3.4-prerelease · 1.27 MB
Telumire 559 views, 4 months ago
Multiple individual stylesheets targeting particular elements for (mostly) functional UI improvements
5.3.3 · 2.65 MB
MatVonTWaddle 373 views, 5 days ago
My notes on learning typography, with interactive examples
5.3.4-prerelease · 0.07 MB
Telumire 222 views, 1 month ago
a short introduction to fantasypunk, a small fantasy ttrpg. it's got some CSS modifications you might find useful for colours and fonts.
1.7.1 · 0.10 MB
TheGiftOfGabes 59 views, 3 months ago